Low Risk Drinking

A project of Envision Partnerships

A group of concerned citizen in Southwest Ohio came together and discussed alcohol issues.  While underage drinking is often a topic of discussion, this group focused on adult high risk drinking.  As 21+ adults, alcohol is a legal part of our lives but what does that mean?  How much is too much?  When should we say when?

This group gained funding to explore this issue and to research viable programs.  While there were a few programs, a universal program that was geared toward all adults (not just those who have already had problems related to alcohol) was not found.  Four individuals from Envision Partnerships (formally Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council) decided to take on the daunting task of creating an initiative and a curriculum to address this issue.  The initiative is the Low Risk Drinking Initiative and the curriculum is Minimize Risk~Maximize Life.

This web site was born from the LRD initiative.  It is our hope that this information will help adults make informed decisions about their alcohol use.  Through making these informed decisions, they can also be a role model for youth in their family, community and beyond.