Alcohol Concentration Demonstration

What does it mean when we say "One standard drink?"

Just because it is in one glass does not mean that it is one drink.  Many drinks, especially mixed drinks, contain as much alcohol as three or four drinks...some even more!  A Long Island Iced Tea can have as many as 5 standard drinks in one glass.  We need to know what a standard drink is so we can determine how many drinks are in our glass.  And since our body can only process one standard drink an hour, it is very important to know this information!

Here is a general list of common alcohol types and the amount that would equal one standard drink.  To find out exact amounts of stand drinks, use the Standard Drink Calculator below. 

Standard American Beer 3 – 5% Alcohol

12 ounce can, bottle or glass

Microbrew or European Beer 8 – 12% Alcohol

 6 ounces 

Table Wine 12 – 17% Alcohol

4 ounce glass

Standard Wine Cooler 4 – 6% Alcohol

 10 ounce bottle 

Hard Liquor 80 proof or 40% Alcohol

1.5 ounces or 1 standard shot

Hard Liquor 100 proof or 50% Alcohol

 1 ounce 

Bottle of Wine: 25 ounces 12 – 17% Alcohol

5 Standard Drinks Total

Bottle of Wine: 40 ounces 12 – 17% Alcohol

 8 Standard Drinks Total 

Not all drinks are created equal!

Standard Drink Calculator

Standard Drink Calculator

Use our standard drink calculator to determine how many standard drinks are in your favorite beverages.  Simply enter your the number of ounces you typically consume along with the amount of alcohol, and we’ll do the rest.  You can use this information to determine the amount of alcohol to buy for parties or the size of the glasses.

Number of Ounces

Alcohol Percent (%)