Think Responsibly,
Drink Responsibly!

Reducing alcohol intake can lower the risk of developing alcohol-related health issues and promote overall well-being.



What is Minimize Risk - Maximize Life (MRML)?

Minimize Risk ~ Maximize Life (MRML) is an evidence-based program for adults of all ages who would like to learn about reducing their risk of problems related to their alcohol consumption. Through the use of a PowerPoint presentation and guided discussions, adults learn how to minimize their risk for alcohol problems while maximizing the quality of their lives.

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Why MRML was developed

Alcoholic beverages remain the most used and abused substance for people of all ages. Alcohol consumption is normalized in social context yet has consequences for individuals, families, and communities.

Course Goals

Increase the use of low-risk drinking guidelines among adults

Decrease high-risk alcohol use among adults

Decrease problems associated with high-risk alcohol use

Increase understanding of low-risk drinking guidelines language and concepts to share with others (including youth)

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Minimize Risk, Maximize Life is a 2-hour low-risk drinking course for adults that focuses on adult alcohol use and adult prevention. This flexible and adaptable curriculum gives simple, straightforward answers to questions like, “Is drinking alcohol OK? How much in real numbers is OK?” Program topics include low-risk drinking guidelines, standard drinks, and the impact of alcohol on health and wellness.

The course is

Specifically designed for adult learners

Easy to use and implement

Flexible and adaptable

Semi-scripted and conversational

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